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Dog trainer resume:  2002 – present

Areas of focus: Positive reinforcement dog & puppy training; solving behavioral issues; canine aggression management; utilizing non-forceful techniques. Private in-home instruction.

The creation of my dog trainer resume began with a thorough search of who to select as my main teacher. The well known master dog training teachers include: John Rogerson, Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Patricia Mcconnell, Turid Rugaas, and Linda Tellington, to name a few. Positive reinforcement dog training is a blanket term. Numerous master trainers are teaching positive reinforcement dog training. Each master trainer has their own style. Therefore, each local trainer will have their own style depending on who that local trainer studied with.

After an extensive search of interviewing working dog trainers, I selected John Rogerson as my principal dog training resume teacher. Some local dog trainers elect to study with several master trainers; taking a little bit here and a little bit there. I chose to start with one mentor. The value in selecting one school of thought as the primary perspective is that it presents clarity in the local dog trainer’s teaching style. After numerous years of studying John Rogerson’s dog training method, I began to branch out and study other teachers including Patricia McConnell, Professor of zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dog training is interpretation. Traits of a good dog trainer are intelligence and being socially perceptive because the majority of the dog trainer’s skill is interpreting the behavior of dogs.  The dog can not talk and dog trainers are interpreting reasons behind why a dog acts in a certain way. Each client presents with unique behavioral problems. A good dog trainer has to be able to think laterally because a client’s behavioral problems will not be the same as the textbook example. The dog trainer  has to be able to draw on how his system of knowledge can be applied to a client’s unique behavioral problem. Visit the home page for a general overview of issues that can be addressed.


Primary instructor: John Rogerson.

Secondary influence: Patricia McConnell, PhD

Dog Trainer Resume

John Rogerson instructor training course.  Ten Days.  Wimberly,  Texas.  October 2002.   Topics covered:  canine behavior,  training theory,  puppy training,  guide dog training,  scent detection of firearms & narcotics. Contact: Lee Mannix Tel.  512-371-3647


John Rogerson course in canine aggression:  Four days.  May 15-18,  2003.  Orange,  CA.  Topics covered:  assessment testing,  canine aggression theory  and treatment,  dog to dog aggression,  dog aggression towards humans,  food aggression.  Contact:  Valerie Pollard  Tel. 714-771-8431


John Rogerson course on teaching a group class.  May 24- 25,  2003.  Altadena,  CA.  Contact:  Penny Scott-Fox   email:


John Rogerson four day dog training course.  San Marcos,  CA.  October 10-13,  2003.    Canine behavior,  training theory,  behavior problems,  canine aggression,  puppy development,  teaching a class,  and competition training. Contact:  Deb Lelevier  email:


John Rogerson canine welfare & rehabilitation.  Long Beach SPCA.  October 4- 5, 2003.   Behavior, care for and rehabilitation of dogs in a shelter environment. Contact:  Jill Marie O’Brien  Tel.  888-spca-LA1  ext. 258

John Rogerson instructor training course.  Long Beach SPCA.  Seven days.  April 18-24,  2004.  Dog behavior, puppy development, dog aggression theory. Contact:  Jill Marie O’Brien  (see former)

John Rogerson course in  working trials competition & search/rescue dog training.  Two days. Acton, CA. October 2004.  Penny Scott-Fox. Email:

Patricia McConnell, PhD. lecture: Dog – Dog aggression. 2003. Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. McConnell discusses strategies to defuse dog aggression towards other dogs. One day seminar.

Patricia McConnell, PhD. lecture: The Art and Science of Canine behavior. 2011. Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. McConnell lectures on the development of the dog – human relationship; interpreting dog behavior and dog body language. One day seminar.


Pet First Aid & CPR certification.  Red Cross West Los Angeles.  2003.

Contributing writer:  Pet Press newspaper.  Northridge, CA.   Editor:  Lori Golden

Contributing writer: Canyon News newspaper.  Beverly Hills, CA.  Editor: Winter Kelly


Academic Education:

Brown University,  B.A.  South Asian Studies. Focus on India, Nepal, Tibet.  Studied Sanskrit and Tibetan languages.



dog trainer resume

A dog trainer is interested in dog behavior.


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