What to have for your dog or puppy training lesson

Items to have for the dog or puppy training in Honolulu lesson:

      • A standard six foot dog leash. Not the retractable leash. Not the gentle lead


      • A standard collar that buckles like a belt. The collar type that goes around the dog’s neck. A martingale collar is permissable. Not the choke chain. Not the collar with the plastic fasteners that snap close together.


      • Prepare several different types of food treats. All food treats should be soft. Suggested items are hot dog, roast beef, block style cheese; and boiled egg. Cut up one cup of treats into tiny pieces – the size of half a raisin. Cut up another cup of treats into pieces that are the size of a dime.


      • The classic Kong – a rubber cone like toy that is hollow inside.


      • Bully sticks (can be found at the pet store).


      • Two new rubber squeaky toys. Do not let your canine play with these designated new toys before the lesson.

Feed your dog less than the normal amount before the dog training lesson. Your dog or puppy will eat food during the lesson.

Do not wear dresses, skirts, short shorts, or low cut blouses during the training session.

Aggressive dogs:

If your dog is aggressive towards humans, please bring a muzzle that fits around the dog’s snout.

Ideal muzzles:  the mickey muzzle or the plastic basket muzzle

The ideal muzzle should allow the dog to drink water while the muzzle is on.


Dog training is a low tech activity. Technological innovation is not necessary to train your dog or puppy. What is important is that the owner learns how to connect, motivate, and encourage their pet. The best tool for dog or puppy training is the bond between the dog and owner.