Puppy training Oahu

A general statement about puppy training Oahu: In the early stages, a puppy is experimenting. Chances are if you do nothing during a puppy’s experimental behavior, then the puppy will just pass through a particular behavior. However, if you intervene while a puppy is experimenting with something, and you  tell the puppy not to do that behavior, now you may be increasing the chance that your puppy will become fixated on a particular behavior. The home page shows a list of unwanted canine behavior patterns. Let me show you one example case from puppy training Oahu.

Puppy training Oahu example case

Caren K. owns a beagle puppy in the Aina Haina neighborhood of Honolulu. She knows that it is important to take her puppy outside. So she takes her beagle puppy  outside for walks. While on the walks, the puppy sees some leaves on the ground. The beagle puppy is experimenting and this is his first time viewing leaves. The puppy grabs some leaves in his mouth in a playful way. Caren doesn’t like the idea of her puppy biting the leaves so she immediately grabs the leaves out of the puppy’s mouth. She pulls the leaves from the puppy’s mouth and she tells the puppy “No, no, no! Don’t bite the leaves.”

The puppy releases the leaves from his mouth and they continue walking. There happen to be more leaves laying on the walking path. So, the beagle puppy grabs some more leaves and bites them. He places them in his mouth and immediately, Caren intervenes again. “No, no, no,” says Caren as she pulls the leaves away from the puppy’s mouth. “I told you not to do that. Never do that again,” Caren says. Well guess what that does to the puppy? It makes the puppy more interested in the leaves. There are leaves throughout the pathway. So now as Caren and the beagle puppy go along the path, the puppy is now lunging for leaves as they walk. Each time Caren sees her puppy lunging for leaves, she pulls her puppy away from the leaves. This continues to happen on each walk. The puppy lunges for leaves. Caren pulls the puppy away from leaves. When the puppy grabs some leaves, Caren immediately takes them out of the puppy’s mouth. When Caren goes to  puppy training Oahu, she tells the puppy trainer that her puppy is fixated with eating leaves.

This behavior does not have to be isolated with a puppy biting leaves while walking. It is more about how intervention during a puppy’s early experiments can negatively affect puppy behavior. In Caren’s situation, her early intervention causes her puppy to become interested in biting leaves. In fact, Caren’s unintentional results are very similar to how I teach puppy owners to intentionally get a puppy interested in playing with high value toys.

In the early stages of puppy training Oahu, the puppy is experimenting. Caren’s  puppy is experimenting with new things. If Caren had not intervened when the puppy first grabbed the leaves, then probably nothing would have happened. The puppy would have put some leaves in his mouth, then he would have dropped them and kept on going. Without any intervention, the puppy probably would have continued investigating other things along the walking path. But the owner was very concerned about the leaves. Caren didn’t want the puppy to be biting leaves and she did everything to stop her puppy from grabbing leaves. The end result was the puppy became obsessed with biting leaves. It is not an unfixable behavior, and the more important message of puppy training Oahu is to realize that a puppy is experimenting. If you do nothing towards a puppy’s experimental behavior, then chances are the puppy will get over that experimental behavior pattern.



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