Dog Training Honolulu rates. Prices for dog training in Oahu.

In-home dog training Honolulu rates. The dog trainer travels to your house for private dog training lessons:

one hour = $90

one hour and twenty minutes = $120

one hour and forty minutes = $150

two hours = $180

2 hours and twenty minutes = $210

2 hours and forty minutes = $240

3 hours = $270

For the purpose of billing, the final hour is divided into three segments of twenty minutes. Each twenty minute period is charged at 30 dollars. Additional time beyond three hours is charged in the same manner as listed above.

*Additional fees “may” be charged for in-home appointments that require travel during heavily congested rush hour times;  And for appointments that require long distance travel.

Acceptable payment is cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted. Training sessions last longer than one hour.

The trainer tries to address as many issues as possible during the first session. It is advantageous to do longer sessions. When the dog or puppy gets tired, the trainer can teach valuable behavior lessons that cannot be taught when the dog / puppy is full of energy.



Dog training Honolulu rates at Kapiolani park.

one hour = $80

one hour and fifteen minutes = $100

one hour and thirty minutes: $120

two hours = $160

2 hours and fifteen minutes = $180

2 hours and thirty minutes = $200

3 hours = $240

For dog training Honolulu rates at Kapiolani park, the final hour of training is divided into four segments of 15 minutes. Each 15 minute period is charged at twenty dollars. Additional time exceeding three hours is charged in the same rate structure as listed above.

For dog / puppy training at Kapiolani park, it is recommended that the owner leash walk their  dog / puppy numerous times in open space parks and trails (not dog parks). Go to places such as Ala Moana park, Kapiolani park, Makiki district park, Makiki Valley loop trail, etc. with your pet. At these locations, walk on the grass / earth of the park; not just walking on the pathway perimeter. If the dog / puppy hasn’t been exposed to a variety of new  open space areas, then meeting at Kapiolani park may be overstimulating and unproductive. In these cases, the dog / puppy doesn’t learn much during the training session because he / she is too overwhelmed at the new location to be able to focus on the training lessons.



Send away dog training.  Dog Training camp. Have your dog /puppy trained by the dog trainer.

daily rate = $250 per day

Plus cost of training aids

Send away dog training is usually a minimum of ten days. Less than ten days of training is possible, however the rate is subject to an increased change depending on each situation.



Longer duration one-to-one training sessions are more effective when the dog trainer works with the problem behaviors. Each dog / puppy presents with their own unique set of behavioral issues. These issues need to be addressed through interaction. It takes time for the dog trainer to understand the causes and create solutions for each canine. After the trainer has analyzed the dog / puppy’s condition, a training program is given to the owner to practice on their own time that will rehabilitate the dog / puppy from unwanted behavioral issues.

Separation anxiety and dog aggression cases last beyond two hours.  For separation anxiety cases, it is usually better to meet at the owner’s home so that the trainer can evaluate all the factors that are contributing to the canine’s anxiety issues.

6 Responses to Dog Training Honolulu rates. Prices for dog training in Oahu.

  1. Mariah says:

    Hello there, my name is Mariah. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a dog from the human society. He is well behaved except for his separation anxiety. We are looking for a trainer to help us with his anxiety. Could you please briefly describe to me what your separation anxiety sessions are like. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Anthony Ohm says:

      Hi Mariah,
      Separation anxiety is an issue that I’ve spent a lot of time studying. I’ve developed a treatment program for separation anxiety. I’ve found that a long session lasting between four to five hours can be of great benefit for dogs that have separation anxiety. I hope that I will be able to help you address this issue.
      Sent by,
      Anthony Ohm

  2. Us says:

    Hi, my dog barks at people both at home and out in public. My husband and I are hoping you can help with this? Is one two hour session enough for us to learn the steps to help with this?

    • Anthony Ohm says:

      Hi Us,
      If one lesson is all you want to do, then I will try to help improve your situation as best I can in one session. Within these parameters, I feel that “some” training will be better than “no training.” I will give you homework assignments that you can practice on your own, that will reduce your dog’s aggressive behavior. Maybe you will see positive changes and that will inspire you to do more dog training because the techniques are working.
      Sent by,
      Anthony Ohm

  3. Ashley says:

    I have a dog that I need some help with socialization issues – she likes to try to be dominant and I’d like her to relax around other dogs. She is a lab-beagle mix 8 years old. As she ages she is getting more into this pattern. She has never hurt another dog, but she does run up and stand over them…I don’t want her to take it further. She lives with 2 other dogs that she is dominant over, but will try to protect them too if another dog comes around. I’d like to take her to dog parks so she gets socialized more, but I’m concerned what she’ll do there and I need to learn what I need to in those situations. I’m veterinarian, so training me is just as important as what she needs to learn. Thanks for the information and suggestions for what you can help us with.

    • Anthony Ohm says:

      Hi Ashley,
      Yes, I can help you with this issue. It seems like you have a type of dog aggression issue. “Dominance” is a trigger word in dog training. It is something that can develop among dogs, especially in multi-dog homes. I am available to help you address this issue.
      Sent by,
      Anthony Ohm

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